“Peter’s workshop was excellent. In it, I found key answers about my career-business development, issues that had frustrated me for quite some time. Now I know how to deal with this challenge—and the first results are already showing. Peter’s educational workshop is definitely recommended to anyone who knows what they want in life (both business and private) but who has been stuck in some way. Anyone who knows what he wants will never be ashamed to ask for help!”
Andrej Šumer, URTP, Consulting in Tourism
“I went to Peter’s workshop—With Valuation Against the Force—with pretty high expectations as the title had already attracted my attention. I face various pressures every day, both in my professional and my personal life (the reconciliation of private life and work), so a tool with which I could handle pressure would make life much easier. The workshop certainly justified my expectations. I learned how to achieve and maintain calm in a situation that can be stressful due to external stresses. Peter taught us how we can achieve this calmness and self-awareness using the basics of KI Aikido, through which we can achieve the best results and reduce (eliminate) the external pressures on us. Including the basics of KI Aikido in business consulting is definitely a one-off decision that really brings results. And, if your personal values are consistent with the values of KI Aikido—honesty, goodness, tolerance—success is inevitable. It’s incredible to observe how non-violence can be answered with violence, calmly and practically without power, and how a peaceful solution can be reached that is acceptable to both sides. I recommend five workshops to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of themselves and their potential and who want to achieve better results.”
Barbara Luckmann Jagodič, Director of the wage and rewarding sector Russia, Ukraine, Middle East and North Africa, IBM Slovenia, d.o.o.
“Peter captures all the key challenges of modern management and offers a solution for each of them. He explains important topics in a genuine, experienced and comprehensible way and supports this with concrete examples, stories and practical exercises. We discover something new, gain insights or simply remind ourselves of something that we have forgotten. A valuable experience that I recommend to every leader.”
Mateja Debeljak, Director of Finance, Personnel and Informatics, Alpina, d.o.o.
“As a participant in the KI training, I can emphasize that I have undertaken the practical exercises that are part of this learning. It is particularly interesting to see how you can preserve your own energy whilst responding to external violent energy that is without power. The values of being EARNEST, GOOD and TOLERANT open the heart and, thus, you can eliminate any violence or darkness within the mind. Practically displayed, well-watered, perfectly implemented. Mankind needs this knowledge. Every person in modern times needs energy and the inner strength that results from these values in order to deal with the burdens encountered in any area of life. Let this knowledge spread to the world!”

Alenka Ruper Aruna, Director, P.E.C.A. International d.o.o.

“Having worked together in the workshops, I have learned a lot from Peter. Peter expresses a lot of positive energy and he is distinguished by his business and personal breadth, his willingness to help, his active listening and his empathy. In my eyes, all of these qualities make him an excellent trainer and teacher.”

Janez Žezlina, Director of ENERGOS, Poslovno in Kadrovsko Svetovanje, d.o.o.

“I met Peter at Stane’s Kirbiš KI Aikido training courses, where I liked to work with him because he encouraged the beginners and showed us his temper. That was in the last century. Last year we met again in the business field, where he advocates and implements similar principles. Performance in accordance with the values of KI Aikido (honesty, goodness and tolerance) is a true guide for long-term success in both the business and the personal sphere. Working With Your Head and With Your Heart is a principle that both of them often mentioned and firmly believe in. Developing KI energy is an excellent and effective way to find internal peace. So, in contemporary life, it is worthwhile experiencing the KI energies that originate from KI Aikido and learning to transfer them to everyday life.”

Dr. Alenka Rožaj Brvar, MBA, Director of Arbora d.o.o.

“With his calm and, yet, encouraging way of presenting Ki Aikido’s basic skills, Peter not only inspired me with the desire to apply these basic values in my daily life but through a clear (physical) display, he demonstrated how to avoid allowing external influences to touch us. How to ‘go on the common path’ with someone has left a permanent trace in my perceptions.”
Saša Gerčar, Director of N-21 d.o.o.
“An overview, practical use and life guidance. It’s definitely useful. I sincerely recommend it!”
Žiga Vavpotič, Director of GlobalDreamVision d.o.o.

“In my experience, Peter is one of the best coaches. His way of working is highly targeted, yet light and fun. Through his coaching on leadership, he taught me how to lead and how to ‘light a fire in my eyes’ when working with colleagues—something that has helped me to further grow both companies. With the acquired knowledge, we have been able to implement and conclude team projects more easily and more quickly, a factor that has recently been missing.”
Marjan Kunaj, Director of ENERGIJA 3000 d.o.o. and Car marketing at Marjan Kunaj s.p.


“Peter showed me how to deal with time issues and how to successfully lead colleagues towards the goal while taking account of the personality traits of each individual. The results of the training are reflected in the more coordinated, targeted work of co-workers and a more efficient use of time.”
Tomaž Kastelic, Director of Siemens BT, within Siemens d.o.o.
“Peter is a pleasant lecturer as he is able to activate the participants and create the right atmosphere in the group. In practical terms, he shows the positive effects of synergy and teamwork. I also enjoyed having him available as a trainer for our initiatives because he gave us the opportunity to co-create the training course while, at the same time, he was always available for possible questions.”

Simon Jurman, Head of TED Danfoss Compressors d.o.o.

“Peter’s lectures are characterized by their clarity of substance and intelligibility. I was also attracted by the ability to link topics that, at first glance, appear to be incompatible but actually encourage listeners to think about the substance of the issue. For example, in a lecture on intervention services, he faced picturesque different decision-making systems and gave us what we most needed in our work, namely, the connection between emotional decision-making and professional, operational decision-making.”
Tomas Felkar, SW Rescue Service Kranj, Slovenian Association for Fire Protection


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